The Old Homestead
in Hopewell
Dad's home on Heights Road,
about a mile from his garage,
where I lived in the 1950s
He and his brother, John,
a carpenter, built most of it
themselves over several years
Great Grandpa
house in the
Davidson Garage at Five Points, with Grandmother's store and the roooms above where I lived until I was 7 years old. Built by Grandpa Howard Davidson & Uncle Pete Twyford in the early 1930s. My Dad worked there as a mechanic full-time from the age of 13 until he retired in his 70s. I worked there after school and weekends, startng at 13, too.
My Elementary School at Five Points, where I walked about 1/2 mile each day, often via a shortcut through the woods.

It has a plaque inside dedicated to my great uncle, Eben Daniel Davidson. He started as an oil rigger in the Gringo oil fields a mile away, put himself through school to become a teacher. Later he headed all the schools for the whole county, and was a John Dewey oriented reformer who wanted to bring universal free education to all the youth of the working class.
My favorite maple tree bordering the woods behind Dad's home