Issue 2 - Spring 1995

...And Now for the Electronic Sweatshop

Applying Marx's Theory of Value: The Role of Knowledge in the Production of Commodities
by Jim Davis and Mike Stack

Is Newt Gingrich a Closet Leftist? The Third Wave and the GOP
by Jerry Harris and Carl Davidson

Labor Goes On-Line to Organize, Communicate and Strike. Workers on the Net, Unite!
by Montieth Illingworth

Access for Youth: Document of the Dallas Computer Literacy Project

NYNEX Study Claims Poor Children Benefit a Lot From Learning to Use Telecommunications
by NewsBytes

The New Information Proletariat and Its Platform: Intellectual Property, Privacy, Access to Education and Working Conditions for 'Temps'
by Noel Galang, Rob Gehr, Anthony Graff and Robert Thomas

The High Tech Sector: Conditions and Opportunities
Document from the High Tech Committee of the National Organizing Committee

Book Review: Peter Ducker's "Post-Capitalist Society"
Reviewed by Carl Davidson

Appendix: The Los Angeles Revolt and Its Lessons for the World
by Alvin and Heidi Toffler


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