Issue 3 - Fall 1995

Creating Jobs in the Third Sector: The Alternative to Welfare
by Jeremy Rifkin

Getting Beyond Scarcity: Strategy and Vision in the Information Age
by Carl Davidson

The Electronic Revolution and the New Class of the Structurally Unemployed
by Nelson Peery

From Das Capital to DOS Capital: A Look at Recent Theories of Value
by Jerry Harris

RAND Warns Us Against 'CyberWar' from the Left
by Jason Wehling

New Circuit Designs for Motherboard Earth
by Kirby Urner

Survey Finds Most Students With Little Access to Internet
by Carla Schutte

A Cybernetic Paradigm for a Cyberspace Economy
by Richard Wise

Politics and the Tools of Artficial Intelligence
by Denny Rock

The Political Demographics of Cyberspace
by Ben Caudron and Michel Bauwens

Book Review: Stanley Aronowitz & William DiFazio's "The Jobless Future"
Reviewed by Michael Stack

Appendix: Do Computers Change the Face of Capitalism - or Only Give It a Facelift? An Orthodox Marxist Critique of the Third Wave Study Group
Reprinted from Class Struggle


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