Issue 4 - Summer/Fall 1996

Report on the DePaul Conference 'From Microchip to Mass Media: Culture and the Technological Age'
by Brodie Dollinger and Paul Shafer

Technological Revolution & Prospects for Black Liberation in the 21st Century
by Abdul Alkalimat

“Fighting for the Soul of the GOP": Buchanan's 2nd Wave Reactionaries Challenge Gingrich's 3rd Wave Conservatives
By Carl Davidson and Jerry Harris Chicago Third Wave Study Group

Mass Media, Centralization & the Corruption of Democratic Culture
by Liane Casten

From Cash Nexus to Needs Nexus: A Radical Response to Growing Poverty
by Bruce Parry

Free Time, Shorter Hours & the Dogma of Work: From 'The Jobless Future'
by Stanley Aronwitz and William DiFazio

Freedom, Community and the Third Wave: An Analysis of the Magna Carta for a New Civilization and The Community Builders Guide to Telecommunications Technology Documents
by Paul Shafer

Kids, Computer Learning & the Game of Solitaire
by Antonia Stone

Young People Are Already Shaping the Media of the Future
by Carl Davidson

Town Meetings on Technology: Denmark's Experience with 'Consensus Conferences'
by Richard Sclove


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