Issue 5 - Fall/Winter 1997

A New Social Contract: Jobs, Income & Radical Reform
by Carl Davidson

Cutting Edge: Technology, Information Capitalism and the Social Revolution
by Jim Davis, Thomas Hirschl and Michael Stack

Economic Globalization: Capitalism in The Age of Electronics
Political Report from the April 19, 1997 meeting of the Steering Committee of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America

Globalization and the Technological Transformation of Capitalism
by Jerry Harris

Temp Workers May Be Able to Join Unions
by Glenn Burkins

Does Technology Create Jobs?
A Debate: MIT's Paul Krugman and the Hoover Institution's David R. Henderson

The Tiny Islands of Cyberspace: Making the Web Truly Worldwide
by David Zgodzinski

UN Committee Statement on Information Poverty and Inequality

Grappling with the Net: Blacks, Latinos, Women & The Need for Universal Access
by River Ginchild

Green Taxes Help Achieve Environmental Goals
by Harald Agerley

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Energy's New Dawn
by Angela Bleasdale

Assessing cy.Rev: A Commentary on Central Plans and Utopian Premises
by Louis Proyect

Cyber Activists Are Getting Organized: CTCNET & Labor Tech Conferences
by Jerry Harris

Book Review: Karl Sveiby's 'The New Organizational Wealth'
by Jerry Harris


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