Issue 6 - Spring/Summer 1999

The Poltics of Globalization: Regroupments within the Ruling Classes
by Jerry Harris

Book Review: Dan Swinney's "Building the Bridge to the High Road"
A New Manifesto on the Strategy & Tactics of Radical Democracy

Reviewed by Carl Davidson

Cyberunions or No Unions: Organizing Workers in the Third Wave Economy
by Arthur B. Shostak

Book Review: William Wolman & Anne Colamosca's
"The Judas Economy: Liberals vs Neoliberals on Globalism"

Reviewed by Jerry Harris

Book Review of William I. Robinson's "Promoting Polyarchy: Globalism & Hegemony"
Reviewed by Jerry Harris

Whose World Order? Conflicting Visions of the Global Boom
Excerpts from a Speech by Noam Chomsky

Money, Robotics, Power & Culture
Excerpts from an Interview with Alvin Toffler

Unions, Skilled Work and 'Lean Production'
by Mike Parker


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