Issue 7 - Spring 2001
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Upcoming Events

Constructing Cyberculture(s):
Performance, Pedagogy, and Politics in Online Spaces

April 6-7, 2001
University of Maryland

Co-Sponsored by The Chesapeake Chapter of the American Studies Association and the Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity
Coordinated by the Cyberculture Working Group

The Cyberculture Working Group is a collection of University of Maryland and neighboring graduate students and faculty members from across the disciplines interested in exploring the intersections between the Internet, culture, and society. At our 1999 Conference, "Cultural Diversity in/and
Cyberspace," an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars addressed such issues as what it means to play online "identity games," how scholars of the humanities and public policy can work together to affect the construction and maintenance of cyberspaces, and how we can use online technologies to teach and learn about cultural diversity.

This year's conference seeks to continue these and other discussions by focusing on how different groups and communities construct and use the virtual world. We are seeking scholars from around the world and across the disciplines to discuss the ways that complex, multi-layered identities are being created and performed in online spaces, present case studies of virtual communities, and examine how digital environments shape and are shaped by "real" and "virtual" political and cultural dynamics. We hope to discuss possible connections between the humanities, social sciences, and the emerging, contested field of "cyberculture studies." We also welcome papers that address the uses of online technologies in classrooms and communities.

Keynote Speakers will include Lisa Nakamura, author of "Race In/For
Cyberspace: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet," and
co-editor of Race in Cyberspace and David Silver, founder of the Resource
Center for Cyberculture Studies.

Contact Information:
Cyberculture Working Group
c/o Ed Martini
Department of American Studies
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405-7621

Subject: CyberSystems and Computer Science 2001 Conference
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:16:28 -0500
From: aomgt@infi.net
To: "envtecsoc@csf.colorado.edu" <envtecsoc@csf.colorado.edu>

2001 Cyber Systems and Computer Science Conference

March 21-24, 2001 at the St. Anthony Hotel, SanAntonio, Texas, USA.

Attention: Information Systems, Resource Management, Information Technology,
Information Management and Computer Science Scholars and Practitioners
Conference Invitation.

Cyber Systems and Computer Science: Conceptual Frameworks, Practices and Applications.

Please visit the Web at http://www.e-academe.org/ for information,
Questions arising from this invitation may be sent directly to me. My
personal assistance will be provided.

Willem Arthur Hamel, Ph.D., CEO
Association of Management (AoM)

Call for Articles

SOCIALISM AND DEMOCRACY is an interdisciplinary journal of Marxist social and political analysis. We are interested in receiving essays for publication which deal with the global dimensions of contemporary capitalism. Articles can focus on specific countries, regions or theglobal system. Articles should present a new contribution to our understanding of contemporary social conditions, ecological crisis or specific political struggles. If you have an idea for an article or a finished article ready forsubmission, I can be reached at: George Snedeker mailto:snedeker@concentric.net


The 29th Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy
October 27-29, 2001in Alexandria, Virginia

TPRC hosts this annual forum for dialogue among scholars and decision-makers from the public and private sectors engaged in communication and information policy. The purpose of the conference is to acquaint policymakers with the best of recent research and to familiarize researchers with the knowledge needs of policymakers and industry. The TPRC program is assembled from submitted and invited abstracts.

TPRC is now soliciting proposals for papers for presentation at its 2001 conference. Proposals should be based on current theoretical and/or empirical research relevant to the making of communication and information policy, and may be from any disciplinary perspective. TPRC welcomes national, international, or comparative studies. Subject areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to the following. More information about these areas is available from the TPRC web site at http://www.tprc.org/TPRC01/sessions01.htm .

Abstracts should be certain to contain a clear statement of the central ideas and outcomes of the research, in addition to a description of the topic being addressed. All submissions must be submitted via the TPRC web site at http://www.tprc.org/submit/. The site contains a form that you can use to submit your contact information, a 500-word abstract, and a brief CV. In addition, ifyou have already written a full paper, you may post that online and submit the URL. Submissions are due by March 31, 2001. No submission will be accepted after this date. Inquiries may be made to the members of the Program Committee (contact info available from http://www.tprc.org/TPRC01/prog-comm01.htm):

Lorrie Faith Cranor - Chair, AT&T Labs-Research
Andrew Blau, Flanerie Works
Jean Camp, Harvard University
Robert Cannon, Federal Communications Commission
Rob Frieden, Pennsylvania State University
Neil Gandal, Tel Aviv University and University of California - Berkeley
Hudson Janisch, University of Toronto
Mark Lemley, University of California - Berkeley
Lee McKnight, Tufts University
Michael Niebel, European Commission
Sharon Strover, University of Texas
Theresa Swinehart, WorldCom


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