Issue 7 - Spring 2001
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Letters from Our Readers

Skilled Work Strategies

I enjoyed the article "A Union Strategy for Skilled Work....".
I think every paragraph hit home in some way. I work
at Ford Tulsa Glass Plant, UAW Local 1895. Except we are now a
Visteon Plant. Can I tell you some stories! Talk about "Lean
Management" horror stories. They have purposely run this plant to
ruin. I'm an Electrician that has been through the apprenticeship
program. I started in production, on the line, 25 years ago come
this March. I would have never believed that I would see this
place intentionally lose production.

Regards, Rob Lyons, UAW Local 1895, Broken Arrow, OK.


Transnational Capitalist Class

Thank you for the piece. I'm blown out by the cyrev site;
its just the stuff I was looking for, I'll do what I can to circulate it.

Best Regards, Jeremy Dixon

I’m doing a project similar in area to this report on transnationals. It’s a
comparison between the old and new economies, specifically comparing
gm,ge,intel and ibm to cisco, sun , oracle and emc. I am finding it
difficult to get research on this area and was hoping the ye might be able
to point be in the right direction.

Thanks, Martin Burke, University of Limerick, Ireland


Promoting Polyarchy

Searching for materials on Polyarchy I have come across your site.
If you don't mind, I would like to bring to your attention a Manifesto on
Polyarchy at http://www.polyarchy.org/

Sincerely, Gian Piero de Bellis


Media & Democracy

I recently read one of your articles by Liane Casten,
who wrote about Mass Media and the Corruption of Democracy.
The articles was excellent and inciteful. I found her article
while i was searching for material on research paper i'm writing,
about the mass media mergers. I was very pleased with
the articles material and upon further investigation, very pleased
to read the other articles that your group has produced. It's a
shame that your material doesn't get more mass media coverage.
Because frankly most of the stuff i see and read either on TV
or in Newspapers is just crap. I look forward to reading
more of your works, reading them feels like a breath of fresh air.

Sincerely Yours, Paul Mourino, Class of 2001 @ Villanova University


Technology & Black Churches

I would like to say that looking at the movement of technology in
a historical prospective was eye opening. My belief is that the new
Information technology will allow the masses of Blacks to move across all
barriers both political and economic and not rely on the middle class for
leadership, for history have shown that they will desert the cause for
personal gain. A simulation has always been the ideology of the black middle
class if we truly look at our history in this country. Information
Technology will not only allow us to change the way we think, but change the
things that make us think that way. I wonder how can we cross the barrier
of educating the masses and making computers accessible. Is the ideal of
using one of the main social institutions for Blacks, the Black Church, as a

Willie J. Lighton, Toledo OH


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