Third Wave Study Group Reading List Since 1994
Book Author Publisher Date Description
The Third Wave Alvin Toffler William Morrow 1980 Classic work on the social impact of technology
Powershift Alvin & Heidi Toffler Bantam 1990 Information revolution and political power
War and Antiwar Alvin & Heidi Toffler Little Brown 1995 Information revolution and warfare
Wonderful Life Stephen Jay Gould WW Norton 1989 Importance of complexity, chaos and diversity
Full House Stephen Jay Gould Harmony Books 1996 Why progress isn't inevitable
Great Transition James Martin Amacom 1995 Technology revolutionizes how work is organized
Microcosm George Gilder Simon & Shuster 1989 Microchips, quantum mechanics and change
Post-Capitalist Society Peter Drucker Harper Business 1993 Information revolution, organization and change
The Arrow of Time Peter Coveney & Roger Highfield Fawcett 1990 Time, chaos, quantum theory and new science
At Home in the Universe Stuart Kaufman Oxford 1995 Complexity and self-organization everywhere
Cutting Edge Davis, Hirschl & Stack Verso 1997 Robotics setting the stage for revolution
Bukharin & the Bolshevik Revolution Stephen Cohen Oxford 1980 The third way vs Stalin and Trotsky
Blood Rites Barbara Ehrenreich Owl Books 1997 Prehistory and the origins of war
Race Matters Cornell West Vintage 1991 Racism, democracy and crisis in the Black community
The Invention of the White Race Theodore W Allen Verso 1996 Social control and the construction of race in history
Ecology of Commerce Paul Hawken Harper Business 1993 Envionmentalism and 'high road' capitalism
Is Capitalism Sustainable? Martin O'Connor Guiford 1994 A primer for socialist ecology
The Triple Helix Richard Lewontin Harvard 2001 Genetics, nature and nurture
The Twilight of Sovereignty Walter Wriston Scribners 1992 Information revolution and financial markets
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Robert Pirsig Harper Collins 1974 Philosophy, values and the 1960s revolt
Lila: An Inquiry in morals Robert Pirsig Bantam 1992 The new metaphysics of Zen pragmatism
Wealth and Democracy Kevin Phillips Broadway Books 2002 Genealogy of the American ruling class
The Politics of Rich and Poor Kevin Phillips Random house 1990 Money and elections since Reagan
American Theocracy Kevin Phillips Penguin 2006 Oil, fundamentalism and finance capital
Empire Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri Harvard 2000 Philosophy, globalization and anarcho-syndicalism
Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond Norton 1997 Sweeping world history and uneven development
Collapse Jared Diamond Penguin 2005 Ecology and social disaster
The Post-Corporate World David Korten Kumarian Press 1999 Corporatism's conflicts with free markets
Anti-Capital Vojin Dakovic Sapes Books 1994 Technology challenges orthodx Marxism
Global Squeeze Richard Longworth Contemporary Books 1998 A jounalist's account of the ups and downs of globalization
What Will Be Michael Dertouzos Harper Collins 1997 The info-revolution, too radical, can't be left to itself
The New Organizational Wealth Karl Sveiby Berrett Koehler 1997 Knowledge, organization and the value-of-a-new-type
Boomeritis Ken Wilber Shambala 2002 Fictional account of the Baby Boom and its foibles
Globalization and its Discontents Joseph Stiglitz Norton 2002 Insider's critique of the IMF and World Bank
The Transnational Capitalist Class Leslie Sklair Blackwell 2001 Emergence of a new global class and its dangers
The Knowledge-Value Revolution Taichi Sakaiya Kodansha 1985 Looming disaster for the 'postwar petroleum culture'
Wall Street Doug Henwood Verso 1997 How high finance really works
Toxic Deception Dan Fagin & Marianne Lavelle Common Courage 1999 The distortion of science by chenical industry dollars
Natural Capitalism Hawken, Lovins & Lovins Little Brown 1999 High design and high tech can save capitalism from itself
Lockdown America Christian Parenti Verso 1999 The prison-indistrial complex exposed and explained
A Simple Justice Klonsky, Ayers & Lyon Teachers College Press 2002 Small schools as the key to democratic learning
The Metaphysical Club Louis Menand Farrar Straus Giroux 2001 Birth and growth of American pragmatism
Emergence Steven Johnson Touchstone 2001 The power of self-organization and adaptive learning
No Logo Naomi Klein Picador 2000 Branding, info-capital and its impact on global justice
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man John Perkins Plume 2004 Global capital's secret crimes exposed by an insider
Three Billion New Capitalists Clyde Prestowitz Basic Books 2005 The emergence of China, India and multipolarism
Don't Think Like an Elephant George Lakoff Chelsea Green 2004 Framing' for winning political arguments and elections
Resource Wars Michael Klare Owl Books 2001 Oil, water and other resources as the focus of conflict
Linked Albert-Laszlo Barabasi Plume 2003 Look for the networks, not the pieces
After Capitalism David Schweickart Rowman & Littlefield 2002 Economic Democracy as the socialist market economy
Bury the Chains Adam Hochschild Houghton Mifflin 2005 The abolitionists in England as the source of modern democracy
The Tragedy of Bukharin Donny Gluckstein Pluto  1994 Overview of the revolutionary theorist and his 'rehabilitation'
Jihad vs. McWorld Benjamin Barber Ballantine 1995 Global capital's clash with tribalism and nationalism
What's the Matter with Kansas? Thomas Frank Metropolitan 2004 How the right get the working class to opppose itself
How the Scots Invented the Modern World Arthur Herman Three Rivers Press 2001 The Scottish Enlightenment's revolution against feudal fetters
Hegemony or Survival Noam Chomsky Owl Books 2003 The critique of Bush's fight against a multipolar, democratic world
After Capitalism Seymour Melman Knopf 2001 Why the US corporate elite opposes the market and democracy
The Cultural Creatives Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson Harmony Books 2000 A progressive majority is emerging, but doesn't know it yet
John Dewey and American Democracy Robert Westbrook Cornell University Press 1991 Reveals Dewey as a deep thinker with a wide and ongoing impact
Of Paradise and Power Robert Kagan Knopf 2003 The NeoCon case for reshaping the world
The Paradox of American Power Joseph Nye Oxford 2002 The multilateralist critique of the NeoCons
The End of Work Jeremy Rifkin Penguin 1995 Computers are creating a jobs crisis, but there's a way out
Time Wars Jeremy Rifkin Simon & Shuster 1989 Our sense of time is shaped by our level of technology
When Work disappears William Julius Wilson Vintage 1997 The structural crisis of emplyment in the Black community
The Jobless Future Stanley Aronowitz and William Defazio Univesity of Minnesota 1995 Technology, downsizing and what can be done about it
Taliban Ahmed Rashid Yale University Press 2001 Reveals the complexity of politics in Afghanistan
The Reckoning Sandra Mackey Norton 2002 Deep analysis of the rise of Saddam Hussein and his downfall
The End of Faith Sam Harris Norton 2004 An atheist polemic against religon, especially Islam
Religon and the Human Prospect Alexander Saxton Monthly Review Press 2006 Sophisticated Marxist assessment of religion and why it persists
City of Quartz Mike Davis Vintage 1992 Technology and ecology in shaping Los Angeles
Alternatives to Economic Globalization John Cavanagh and Jerry Mander Berrett Koehler 2002 Essays on the debates in the global justice movement
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth Buckminister Fuller Simon & Shuster 1969 Revolutionary ideas on wealth, design and energy
The Media Monopoly Ben Bagdikian Beacon 1993 How corporations centralize media and shape consciousness
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Greg Palast Plume 2004 How elections are stolen by the rich
The Way We Never Were Stephanie Coontz Basic Books 2000 Deconstructing myths about the family and working women
The Twilight of American Culture Morris Berman WW Norton 2001 The dumbing down of American thought and literacy
Earth in the Balance Al Gore Houghton Mifflin 2000 Links ecological crisis to a critique of capitalism
Building the Bridge to the High Road Dan Swinney CLCR.ORG 2000 New manifesto on strategy and tactics using the market