Issue 1 - Summer 1994

Introduction to cy.Rev

The Cybernetic Revolution and the Crisis of Capitalism
by Jerry Harris and Carl Davidson

Information Empowerment and Democracy in the 21st Century
by Abdul Alkalimat

The Economy of Ideas: Rethinking Property in the Digital Age
by John Perry Barlow

SoliNet: Electronic Conferencing for the Trade Union Movement
by Marc Belanger

Empowering the Info-Poor: The Community Computing Center Movement
by Peter Miller

The Promise and Peril of the Third Wave
by Carl Davidson, Ivan Handler and Jerry Harris

Using E-Mail and FaxModems as Tools for Social Change
by Carl Davidson

Building Organizations with Electronic Conferencing
by Jilliane Smith

Surfing the Internet: A Political Guide for Beginners
by Sam Kritikos

Book Review: Paul Hawken's "The Ecology of Commerce"
Reviewed by Ivan Handler

Book Review: Robert Reich's "The Work of Nations"
Reviewed by Carl Davidson


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