Issue 7 - Spring 2001

The Election That Nobody Won: American Politics & The Crisis of Strategy
by Carl Davidson

Social Capital & CyberPower in the African American Community: A Case Study
by Abdul Alkalimat and Kate Williams

Fissures in the Globalist Ruling Bloc: The Politics of Globalization From Above and Below
by Jerry Harris and Bill Robinson

The Coming Job Glut: Expanding Work in the High-Tech Sector
by Ivan Handler

How the Internet is Changing Unions
by Eric Lee

Ralph Nader vs Al Gore: What's the Best Policy for Democracy and the Internet Economy
An Exchange Between Ralph Nader and Gore Advisor Reed Hundt

An Excerpt from Post-Fascism: How Citizenship is Becoming an Exclusive Privilege
by G.M.Tams

Information Technology & The Transnational Ruling Class
by Jerry Harris

Strategies for Survival: Who Will Connect Who to Whom?
Government Technology's Interview with Alvin Toffler

Sci-Fi Book & Film Reviews: The Future We Love to Hate
by Jerry Harris

Internet Radio: Jay Hughes Interviews Carl Davidson on CyberMarxism Today

Will Socialism Make a Comeback? Globalization Protests Show New Potential
Reprint from Time Magazine by Francis Fukuyama

Marx in the Mirror of Globalization
Reprint from Britannica.com by Peter Hudis


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