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In honor of our friend and colleague, the GSA announces the formation of The Paul Kennedy Award. Paul Kennedy was central to the setting up of the Global Studies Association (UK) in 2000 at a time when globalization was at the center of academic debates. Shortly after this, the GSA-North America was set up with the guidance of Paul. Since 2000, he was actively involved in the activities of the GSA, being the Secretary for many years, and organizing several GSA conferences. He was a remarkable person of great intellect. His academic writing has become central to all those interested in the area of Global Studies.

The Global Studies Association of North America is proud to present Senior Researcher Marek Hrubec of the Centre of Global Studies Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences with the Paul Kennedy Award for outstanding contributions in research, and for the promotion of exchanges among international scholars of global studies. His participation and co-organization in our annual conferences, beginning in 2007, established a cooperative relationship between our membership and the Czech Academy of Sciences, particularly the Institute of Philosophy, with many exchanges between the Centre of Global Studies and the GSA. Furthermore, his theoretical and research papers published in our annual journal were of the highest academic standard, and played an important role in establishing the journal's reputation for quality and respect among scholars working in the field of global analysis.